Outrageous: Communists Marching On The Streets Of Brooklyn, New York City

Outrageous: Communists Marching On The Streets Of Brooklyn, New York City

Well, it looks like we lived to see it: communists marching on the streets of the US! Check out the following shocking video that doesn’t need much commenting. Or does it?

Communists marching in Brooklyn

DiscloseTV just shared a shocking video that most would even say can not be real. But, unfortunately, it is. Check it out below:

I checked the Revolutionary Communists of America’s page, and this is as real as it can get:

“The Revolutionary Communists of America are forming a party! After the launch rally, we hit the street in downtown Brooklyn to say it loud & clear: the communists are here! #Communism.”

Someone left this in the comments section:

Most of the people in the thread are laughing out loud.
“Lol, I still can’t understand how people can look at the core ideals of communism and think, ‘Yes, this could work.’Like there has to be a critical thinking cap to commies. I doubt many have taken even a cursory look at topics such as evolutionary biology.”

Someone else noted this: “Yep, not hiding anymore! Remember, it all starts with making Socialism appealing. Then, it morphs into full-fledge Communism. But, what do I know…?”

There’s not much left to say about the matter. I am from a former communist country, Romania – and here, we killed (or at least thought we did) Communism back in 1989.

I can definitely say that there’s nothing great about communism, and it’s a shame that the realm of freedom, which the US used to be, is now slowly but surely turning into a communist empire.

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