Orionids will be Visible Next Week – Peak Activity

Orionids will be Visible Next Week – Peak Activity

Many star lovers know that the Orionid meteor shower will take place each year between October and November. Within this time frame, a storm of meteors will light the sky as the rocks burn when they pass through the atmosphere.

The source of the Orionid meteors

Orionid meteors are leased by the Halley comet as it travels around the sun. Small fragments of rock break from the surface of the comet and are left behind as it continues to move. They will reach the orbit of our planet during the previously mentioned interval and generate beautiful flashes of light.

Previous research has shown that the Orionid meteors can travel at a speed of up to 41 miles per second.

Peak activity

Astronomers anticipated that the Orionid meteor shower would reach peak intensity between the night of October 21 to October 22. Up to 25 meteors will be visible per hour as they move across the sky. Experts have also mentioned that meteor activity will be higher until October 27. On the night of the event, the brightness of the moon will be high as it enters the third quarter phase.

Sources of intense light can ruin the experience since they flood the sky and reduce the visibility of meteors. Many stargazers say that the Orionid meteor shower is one of the most beautiful ad reliable events of its type, with the bonus of being visible across the globe. The fact that the meteors come from the Halley comet makes the event more interesting for some people.

People who wish to enjoy the spectacular shower should find an open area with an unobstructed view of the sky and little to no artificial light in the proximity. The showers will be visible with the naked eye which is great for those who do not wish to carry equipment with them.  It is also important to wear suitable clothes since the weather could get cold.

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