Origins of Humanity with Smithsonian Channel Specials

Origins of Humanity with Smithsonian Channel Specials

Learning about the human race is always fascinating. Looking at out past can always be interesting because there are many things to learn. But what if we go even further back? That is exactly what the Smithsonian Channel will do with four new fascinating documentaries.

This time, the documentaries will focus on the connection between the human race and space, starting from the Big Bang and ending with our attempts to explore the universe. The names of the four documentaries are quite suggestive: “Leaving Earth: Or, How to Colonize a Planet”, “Finding Life in Outer Space”, “Billionaire Space Club”, “Earth From Outer Space”.

What will the documentaries bring?

These four documentaries will show our entire history related to space. “Finding Life in Outer Space” will present the evolution of life in the universe, and it will start right from the Big Bang. This way, we can see things right from the beginning, and learn how they have evolved in time.

“Earth From Outer Space” will continue its story and it will feature astronauts from the International Space Station. They will get to share their experiences and they discuss about the evolution of the entire globe.

“Billionaire Space Club” will discuss about independent companies that aim to conquer space on their own. You will get to see SpaceX, BlueOrigin and Virgin Galactic and the progress they have made without the help of government.

The “Leaving Earth: Or, How to Colonize a Planet” one will also feature the late Stephen Hawking and it is one of his latest film appearances. There you will see an interesting discussion about the future of humanity and what humans can do when things become critical.

The documentaries will be aired on March 25, and April 1, from 8 to 10 p.m. EDT and PDT.


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