On a Beach in Florida, a Huge and Mysterious Object Emerges From the Sand

On a Beach in Florida, a Huge and Mysterious Object Emerges From the Sand

If you’ve been to the Daytona Beach Shores from Volusia County (Florida), you might not have noticed anything unfamiliar. But going to that place now will probably leave you speechless. A mysterious and large object has come out from the sand after Hurricane Nicole and Ian have done their thing in the area, as Futurism reveals.

The mysterious measures roughly 80 meters in length. That’s the equivalent of about 24 meters, which is almost a quarter of the length of a football field. At this moment, nobody knows for sure what the object in question really is, not even the officials. What’s for sure is that it looks pretty creepy, and it might even make some people think about remnants belonging to alien spacecraft:

The peculiar object has been uncovered due to beach erosion, but there’s a mystery here as well. It’s a type of erosion unlike any that was seen in the recent past.

Gov. Ron De Santis spoke about the Nicole hurricane by stating, as CBS News quotes:

This is obviously not as significant storm as Hurricane Ian was, but coming on the heels of that, you’re seeing communities, particularly in the Volusia County area, that had a lot of that erosion on the coastline,

This has put some of those structures in jeopardy, and they’ve been working very hard to make sure everybody’s safe.

Hurricane Nicole is considered a sprawling late-season Category 1 hurricane, and it affected Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and Southeastern United States back in November 2022. The natural disaster caused damages of over $520 million. 

As for Hurricane Ian, it is considered a large and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane. Hitting back in September, it was the deadliest hurricane to affect Florida since the Labor Day hurricane from almost a century ago, in 1935. The damage caused by Ian surpassed $50.2 billion.

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