Oldest Human Footprint to Date had been Uncovered

Oldest Human Footprint to Date had been Uncovered

Archaeologists are always interested to discover and date historic remains from our predecessors. It looks like they may have hit the jackpot with their latest find. The oldest human tracks in North America have just been uncovered. Where were they found and how old are they? Read on to find out.

The footprints of the century

These footprints were found in Canada, on its Pacific coast, showing that prehistoric humans did travel during the ice age. The study done on this particular find showed that the footprints belonged to a child and two adults. There were 29 footprints in total.  To be more exact, this discovery was done on the West coast of British Colombia.

The lead author of this study, Duncan McLaren, had something important to say about these footprints. He mentioned that they also saw other footprints but that they were trampled so the evidence was not good or clear enough to be recorded and analyzed by scientists.

The first footprint recorded by them was discovered in 2014 on Calvert Island. Since this island would have only been reached by watercraft 13,000 years ago, archeologists realized that this meant that the humans back then would have had to be seafarers who survived by traveling by boat from island to another in order to hunt, scavenger and survive.

The main evidence that these footprints have is that the humans who made them lived sometime at the end of the ice age. What is even more spectacular is the fact that these footprints are so long. They are a clue indicating that region would have been a point of entry into what we now know as America.

These are not the first pair of prehistoric footprints that have been uncovered but the fact that they are so old make them truly unique.


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