Nutri Ninja Pro vs. Nutribullet: Best Bullet Blender Comparison

Nutri Ninja Pro vs. Nutribullet: Best Bullet Blender Comparison

Finding the most suitable blender for you and your family can be challenging. There are many questions to be asked: do you want a simple one, with one speed, or do you want a more complicated one, with more than one speed and many other features? In these cases, you have Nutribullet and Ninja. Which one is the best one? We are about to find out.

Why go for a bullet blender?

A bullet blender is excellent if you want to lose weight. But in the process, you also don’t want to get sick when you modify your diet. The regular blender does not make the best smoothies. You have more to gain if you choose a bullet blender.

What’s similar about Ninja and Nutribullet?

Both of these brands are popular, they have the same features, and the prices are acceptable. They both extract nutrients with a one of a kind blade, which offers the user great nutrition. The construction is straightforward to assemble, so no need to worry about that. You can also make your life easier by buying them because you can wash them in the dishwasher.


This one comes with reliable performance, and it’s worth every penny. The setup is quick, and you can clean its components quickly. It has a nutrient extractor blender, which means that it has some specialized extractor blades, which help in crushing the fruits and vegetables. It is also said that it delivers you the best nutrients for digestion. It comes with a motor of 600 watts, and it has only one speed.

This package has the extractor blade, the power base, 20 oz. tall cup that has a lip right, 18 oz. small cup with both a lip ring and a handle. It even has a recipe book and a pocket nutritionist booklet that contains nutrition facts for a healthier lifestyle.

There are many models. The best four on the market are Nutribullet 12-piece, Nutribullet Pro, Nutribullet Lean, and Nutribullet Rx.

Keep in mind that you cannot use it for ice crush or programming. For these things, you have Ninja.

What are the pros?

You can use it to store hot items. It’s both easy to assemble and to clean, and the price is affordable and fair.

What are the cons?

The motor is less strong if we are to compare it to Ninja. Also, the cups might leak after you use it for some months.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

This one has pre-programs. The performance is reliable and affordable. Both the setup and the clean up are easy.

We have here an extractor blender that’s made to liquefy fruits, vegetables and solid food – even nuts – for making a smoothie. By breaking them down, the body digests them better, and they give you the best nutrients. The motor is of 1000 watt, and it has three speeds and a digital keypad for the ultra blend, pulse, and blend.

The package has the blender unit, the jumbo 32 oz cup, the regular 24 oz cup, and a smaller 18 oz cup — also lids and an instruction book. The most popular models out there are the Nutri Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ and the Nutri Ninja Bowl DUO with Auto IQ. Keep in mind that the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ (BL482) is not the best choice if you want the most simple blender out there.

What are the pros?

It is capable of extracting nutrients for more food value. It is effortless to assemble, and you can program it, too. It’s cheaper than most of the blenders on the market that have similar features.

What are the cons?

This blender makes a lot of noise. Some users said that the customer service is quite weak.

Other alternative blenders:


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