Not Just Press Freedom, But Civil Liberties Are At Stake: A Decision In Julian Assange’s Case, Expected Soon

Not Just Press Freedom, But Civil Liberties Are At Stake: A Decision In Julian Assange’s Case, Expected Soon

The case of Julian Assange remains in the spotlight, and we should not let this go until justice is made. Here are the latest reports about the journalist who has been imprisoned for telling people the truth about their government.

Julian Assange’s case to get a decision soon

It looks like Assange could receive a decision soon, and the whole world is watching.

People are trying to help raise awareness about the case, and they’re doing everything in their power to help Assange. We should, too.

It seems that the whole truth is slowly getting out regarding the case of Julian Assange. Russell Brand addressed on his show something that has been leaked for a while via X.

Russell Brand on the case of Julian Assange

Here’s what Brand posted on X:

“As it’s discovered that the judge set to rule on the Assange extradition case was previously paid to represent the interests of MI6 and the Ministry of Defence – whose activities WikiLeaks has exposed – what are the chances of a fair hearing for Julian Assange?”

DeclassifiedUK has recently noted that “one of the two High Court judges who will rule on Julian Assange’s bid to stop his extradition to the US represented the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the Ministry of Defence, Declassified has found.”

They continued and pointed out the following:

“Justice Jeremy Johnson has also been a specially vetted barrister, cleared by the UK authorities to access top secret information.

Johnson will sit with Dame Victoria Sharp, his senior judge, to decide the fate of the WikiLeaks co-founder. If extradited, Assange faces a maximum sentence of 175 years.”

We suggest that you check out the complete article that DeclassifiedUK has posted.

We can only hope for the best for Assange because not just the freedom of the press is at stake, but civil liberties as well.

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