Northern Lights Shine Over The Mackinac Bridge In Michigan

Northern Lights Shine Over The Mackinac Bridge In Michigan

A famous photographer who is renowned for immortalizing the finest parts of Michigan has just unleashed another fine series of photographies showing the beauty of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) shining above the Mackinac Bridge, in Michigan.

The most recent release by Dustin Dilworth from D3 Imagery is a 40-second time-lapse footage that had the renowned Mackinac Bridge in the center of the attention. The video opens up during the sunset and lapses fast into night time when the bridge lights up and along with the cars’ headlights traveling from one Michigan peninsula to the other create a spectacular scene.

Northern Lights over the Mackinac Bridge come into play

The scene Dustin immortalized there was already spectacular. Northern Lights began to show up above Michigan’s iconic point of interest, namely, the Mackinac Bridge, as the footage is going on showing how the greenish light, with nuances of blue, shimmer throughout the sky over the towers of the bridge.

Of course, Dustin posted this astonishing video on the official Facebook page of D3 Imagery yesterday morning. As expected, the footage went viral and in its first hours gathered more than 20,000 views and above 1,400 shares.

Northern Lights are not a rare phenomenon in Michigan

Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis) is undoubtedly a fascinating phenomenon whose beauty does not fit in small words. A colorful dance gives a stunning show when charged solar particles collide with those of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Despite popular beliefs that Aurora Borealis can only be observed from the far north or the Arctic Circle, this tremendous phenomenon can also be enjoyed in regions at lower latitudes.

As for Michigan, its Upper Peninsula is blessed with large areas with almost no pollution and, furthermore, the Lake Superior’s shores pose as a great place from which to observe the stunning phenomenon of Northern Lights. Mackinac Bridge, which makes the connection between the Lower and the Upper peninsulas is also a great observation spot for Aurora Borealis.

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