Northern Ireland Babies Are At Risk Due To Insufficient Neonatal Services

Northern Ireland Babies Are At Risk Due To Insufficient Neonatal Services

Northern Ireland is facing a big problem. Due to inappropriate and insufficient neonatal services, vulnerable babies are at risk in Northern Ireland, according to charities.

Insufficient medical resources are the culprit

A recent official report shows that the lack of personnel and poorly equipped baby’s units may put the babies health (and even the lives) at risk. The report, conducted by The Bliss and Tiny Life Northern Ireland, will be presented at Stormont.

According to the report, nurseries’ personnel are forced to cut off new admissions in order to keep a decent level of good medical care. All that, the report says, is due to the insufficient medical resources, from the medical staff which is in shortage to the lack of equipment.

Northern Ireland neonatal services are heading towards a crisis

The report also shows that 55% of the nurseries personnel deficit is due to the lack of investments in the recruitment process, 70% of the neonatal units have troubles with the staff training process, and 65% of the Northern Ireland nurseries do not have enough personnel.

“Neonatal services in Northern Ireland are facing a number of serious challenges which are severely affecting the care of the 1,800 babies born premature or sick in the country every year (…) Without this investment, neonatal services across Northern Ireland will be facing a crisis in years to come, putting the most vulnerable babies at risk,” explained Caroline Lee-Davey, CEO at The Bliss and one of the authors of the report.

The Northern Ireland health officials respond positively

Health authorities’ officials in Northern Ireland responded positively to the report and promised they will look into the problem and will try to find solutions as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not only the Northern Ireland babies are at risk. Many countries around the globe (including some of the US states) face the same problems, namely, the lack of medical personnel in nurseries, poor medical staff training, and lack of the needed equipment.



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