North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile

North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile

North Korea is under some pretty interesting tensions with the US, but that can’t seem to stop the Asian country from initiating other controversial actions. North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile on Tuesday, according to The missile was likely released from a submarine, according to the military of South Korea.

North Korea’s decision defies the offer reaffirmed by the US to discuss the Asian country’s nuclear weapons program.

Did North Korea fired the missile underwater?

It’s very unclear the settlement of the launch. It occurred either from an underwater vessel or from above the surface of the sea. Not even the South Korean military knows for sure.

North Korea may be trying to use South Korea’s intent for engagement to extract concessions from Washington. However, Seoul has little wiggle room since the Biden administration is willing to keep the sanctions in place. The only way for it to stop is for North Korea to give it up on nuclear weapons, meaning to denuclearize.

Sung Kim declared as quoted by

The U.S. continues to reach out to Pyongyang to restart dialogue. Our intent remains the same. We harbor no hostile intent toward (North Korea) and we are open to meeting without preconditions.

Wikipedia informs us that the constitution states that North Korea is “a dictatorship of people’s democracy” and also under the leadership of the WPK, which stands for Workers’ Party of Korea. That is also given legal supremacy for other political parties.

We’re eagerly waiting to see how the events will keep unfolding, as well as the relations between North Korea and the USA. Feel free to tell us your own opinion on the matter!



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