New to the World of Vaping? Be Sure to Avoid These Crucial Mistakes!

New to the World of Vaping? Be Sure to Avoid These Crucial Mistakes!

By the year 2020, experts predict that there will be over 55 million vape users around the globe. For some people, the decision to vape is about the eclectic mix of e juices on the market. Others use vaping as a way to reduce the dependency on traditional cigarettes.

If you are new to the world of vaping, one of the first things you need to figure out is what type of mod and e juice you will use. Working with a supplier like Loadedejuice will allow you to get the guidance you need when making these important decisions. Rushing through this buying process can lead to the wrong purchases being made.

Here are just some of the mistakes you will need to avoid as you begin to vape on a regular basis.

Cheap Vaping Products Are a Horrible Idea

If you decide that vaping is something you want to participate in, you will need to avoid skimping on the quality of the products you purchase. Most newcomers to the vaping world fail to realize that not all products are created equally.

Buying a cheap vaping machine and liquids will usually lead to you having a bad experience. In order to understand the joys of vaping, you will need to get higher-quality products. If you are confused about what you need to begin your vaping journey, working with a knowledgeable supplier is a must. Generally, these suppliers will have a number of starter kits that can provide you with the value and quality you are after.

Dry Hits Hurt

One of the biggest mistakes new vapers make is taking a dry hit. This typically occurs when you don’t have enough juice going through the coil of your vape machine. Not only will a dry hit taste horrible, it will hurt the back of your throat as well.

Before you start to vape, make sure you have enough e juice in your machine. If your levels look a bit low, it is probably a good idea to top off your tank before you take a drag.

Avoid Blending E Juice Flavors

While putting two of your favorite e juice flavors together may sound like a good idea, it will usually end in disaster. Not only will your DIY blends taste horrible, mixing these liquids together will lead to a lot of waste as well. Some new vapers inadvertently mix flavors by not cleaning out their vape tank.

Getting in the habit of cleaning out your tank in between uses can help you avoid the awful taste of mixed e juices. This will also help you keep your vape machine running efficiently for a long time to come.

Don’t Vape With a Dirty Coil

Some vaping newcomers think that the coils in their machines will stay clean forever. In reality, coils generally last between one or two weeks. Usually, you will have to clean your coil after afew days of use.

Letting your coil get covered in gunk will affect the quality and flavor of your vaping. In order to have a flavorful and consistent vaping experience, you need to maintain and clean your coil regularly. With a bit of elbow grease and a rag, you should have no problem getting this part of your vape machine clean.

If you are planning on buying your vaping supplies online, make sure you do an extensive amount of research beforehand. Looking at the reviews an online supplier has gotten from former customers will help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your needs.


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