New study shows that humans have interbreed in the past

New study shows that humans have interbreed in the past

It looks like a team of researchers has just made a huge discovery regarding the process of evolution in a number of regions of the world. We are talking about Oceania and East Asia. It has been seen that individuals coming from these two regions have different genomes, resulting from what researchers believe to be a Denisovan admixture.

The findings of this study

Professor Sharon Browning, the author of this study, stated that it was already known that Oceanic individuals would have less amount of Denisovan ancestry. This woman is a professor at the University of Washington School of Public Health. She was talking particularly about Papuan individuals. They found that the genomes of current day Papuan only have about 5% Denicovan ancestry.

When they looked at the genomes of East Asians they saw that they also had Denisovan ancestry in their genomes, a trait that they have acquired on their own, as the research pointed out. This made the team of researchers reach the conclusion that individuals in East Asia were more related to Denisovans rather that modern Papuans, or at least that is what the DNA that they looked at showed.

DNA sequences revealing the truth

Browning believes that soon after humans moved out of Africa they mixed with Denisovans. However, they do not know the specific location where that happened. Their goal is to look at as many Asian populations as they can find, along with Africans and Native Americans to see if this Denisovan trait can be found there as well and to what extent. So far, it is clear that there was obvious intermixing with archaic humans in Africa.

These findings have been published in the journal Cell this week. Further research will be needed in order to fully elucidate this mystery and unveil the truth about human migration and DNA mutation in the past.


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