New Study Shows That Climate Change Affected Earth’s Axis!

New Study Shows That Climate Change Affected Earth’s Axis!

The human race put its print on Earth, particularly on its climate.

The rapid increase in climate change led to a shift in Earth’s axis, Sciencealert reported.

The peculiar event may result from multiple factors, like the existence of vast anomalies of molten iron that happen underneath our planet’s crust.

However, scientists believe that other factors come into play, too. Factors like human-provoked climate change are among the main reasons for the happening.

Lead researcher Shanshan Deng of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Research in China stated:

“Faster ice melting under global warming was the most likely cause of the directional change of the polar drift in the 1990s.”

The new study conducted by Deng and his fellow colleagues examined the extent to which the modifications in terrestrial water storage (TWS) over the past few decades affect the amount of magnetic poplar wander recorded over the same period.

TWS covers modifications in water levels on our planet provoked by the melting process of glaciers as Earth gets considerably warmer. There are also changes provoked by the pumping of groundwater from natural reservoirs.

The changes affect the distribution of mass on Earth, and, as a result, that affects its spinning trajectory. Physics dictates that the mass distribution dictates how a spinning object moves.

Therefore, the more you affect mass distribution, the worse the situation gets, affecting our planet’s spin.

It’s simple – Glaciers are solid and in a specific spot. When they melt, they get to a lower altitude and distribute somewhat evenly across a body of water.

We may not be ready for a dramatic change in terms of Earth spin. We should try our best to reduce global warming until scientists can precisely predict what will happen and how we must act.

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