New Online Calculator Shows Great Accuracy in Predicting When a Person Dies

New Online Calculator Shows Great Accuracy in Predicting When a Person Dies

We hate to disappoint you, but we’re all going to die one day. While there are plenty of ways to try to anticipate when it will happen, a new online calculator promises to do the job better than ever. writes about the new miracle-calculator – known as RESPECT for short (The Risk Evaluation for Support: Predictions for Elder-Life in the Community Tool), it can predict the death of a person within six months. The calculator was built after gathering data from over 491,000 community-dwelling adults that were aged 50 years and who had been using home care from 2007 to 2013.

RESPECT allows people to make the final plans

Dr. Amy Hsu, who is the lead author of the new study and also an investigator at the Bruyère Research Institute, declared as cited by

The RESPECT calculator allows families and their loved ones to plan,
For example, it can help an adult [or] child plan when to take a leave of absence from work to be with a parent or decide when to take the last family vacation together.

One cohort comprised of data brought from 435,009 adults, and 122,823 deaths were identified in less than six months of assessment and with a 95 percent confidence. The percentage even went up to 98.2 in the case of high-risk groups. Another group that represented 139,388 adults identified 20.014 deaths in less than six months of assessment. As for the average age of the total number of respondents, it was 79.7 years.

Remember when some people said that how great it would be to know the day of your own death? It seems that science has once again made a dream become a reality.

The method used for developing the RESPECT calculator was published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).


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