New Discovery: The Exoplanet which Atmosphere’s so Hot it has Titanium and Iron in it

New Discovery: The Exoplanet which Atmosphere’s so Hot it has Titanium and Iron in it

Until recently, Mercury was considered the hottest planet in our Solar System. The temperatures on Mercury are over 800 degrees Fahrenheit on its Sun-facing side. If you thought those are high temperatures, take a look at what we know about the exoplanet KELT-9b.

What do we know about this exoplanet?

KELT-9b is 650 light years further than our Solar System, and its orbiting route takes less than two Earth (taking 365 days to orbit the Sun) days. This planet is so hot; even heat resistance object would be vaporized there.

KELT-9b is similar to Jupiter because it is a massive ball of gas with very high temperature. The exoplanet’s temperatures can be as high as 5,800 degrees Fahrenheit because it is orbiting a planet even hotter than our Sun. According to astronomers recent study published in Nature, the planet is hotter than most stars.

What is interesting about the KELT-9b exoplanet

Researchers now know what chemicals might be in the exoplanet’s atmosphere because they have studied the light which shines through the planet’s atmosphere at the moment in which it passes in front of its star.

The most interesting fact is that the team of researchers discovered that there are iron vapors around the planed proving that the theoretical model’s predictions are accurate. However, there is something even more eye-catching. Gaseous titanium is present in the spectrum of light. To sum up, KELT-9b be the exoplanet is so hot even titanium can’t resist it.

Typically, planets as hos as KELT-9b would end up evaporating themselves in time because of the exceeding heat. It is not the case of KELT-9b because it is large enough to spread the heat equally throughout its hot vaporizing star-like surface.


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