New Discovery of a Fossil Looking More like a Duck-Dinosaur

New Discovery of a Fossil Looking More like a Duck-Dinosaur

The internet and the humanity are in awe of receiving the news of a newly discovered fossil dated from 75 million years ago.

The specimen is hard to believe existed but it was almost portrayed as a swan with big claws. A few days ago, the paleontologists said the discovery was in southern Mongolia at Ukhaa Tolgod and that the creature was able to stay both on land and in water provided with a long neck just perfect for hunting. Its main food consisted of crustaceans, fish, insects and even lizards.

This type of fossil received a name too: Halszkaraptor escuillie, or Halszka name given after the Polish paleontologist Halszka Osmólska.

Andrea Cau from the Geological Museum Capellini declared: It is so unusual and bizarre compared to most of the known dinosaurs […] It combines a duck-like head with a swan-like neck, short arms with bizarre hands and a velociraptor-like body. He also affirmed that with this discovery is yet another ecological cubicle for dinosaurs.

Living like an amphibious in water and land, it was impossible for it to fly making it a prey for the atrocious dinosaurs.

After its detection this was stolen and illegally transported from place to place, fossil trade is a great change for paleontology today. In 2015 Mongolia retrieved it and put it back to more studies with sophisticated equipment, using X-ray microtomography. This technique is currently the most powerful and sensitive method to image internal details without damaging invaluable fossils, as Paul Tafforeau of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility declared.

By means of specialized instrumentation, people can evolve intellectually and learn more about old species that used to occupy the Earth long before our existence. Amid the well-known dinosaur species we can now prove that these inhabitants were able to fly, swim and also to run.


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