A New Deadly Trend – Parents Force Children To Drink Bleach As A Cure For Autism

A New Deadly Trend – Parents Force Children To Drink Bleach As A Cure For Autism

The bleach treatment for Autism, a massively promoted trend by Jim Humble’s Genesis II Church in the US, is hitting back as British parents force children to drink bleach as a cure for Autism.

An investigation conducted in 2016 found that a south Californian underground network promotes on Facebook the use of Chloride Dioxide or MMS, ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ as they call it, as a treatment for Autism, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.

Even more, in 2017 a BBC investigation revealed that the American church representatives traveled to the UK to promote the method, about which they think it is a religious sacrament and it is not dangerous. Their theory resides on the idea that Chloride Dioxide kills the pathogens and parasites which they think to be the causes of Autism.

On the other hand, doctors say this approach is groundless and Chloride Dioxide may be lethal.

Experts say that the church adherents are selling as treatment a solution which combines hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite, which, when combined, are actually producing bleach.

Even more dangerous is the recipe the church adherents recommend. They ask people who opt for this cure to take it with a fruit juice. However, experts say that this will only acidify the solution which will release Chlorine Dioxide, a powerful bleach that is commonly used to whiten textiles.

The US FDA’s representatives warned people about this ‘cure’ and added that if the ‘cure’ is taken as its proponents recommend may be lethal. Also, the UK’s FSA (Food Standards Authorities) stated that MMS may cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, digestive system damage, low blood pressure, and respiratory failure.

The substance is banned in Canada but, unfortunately, it is still available on the Internet.

Until now, a single MMS-related death has been confirmed but dozens of MMS-related serious injuries cases have been reported.


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