New Canadian Study Revealed That Midlife Sex Problems Are Quite Common

New Canadian Study Revealed That Midlife Sex Problems Are Quite Common

Midlife sex problems are not as uncommon among Canadians as previously thought, according to a new study conducted by the University of Guelph and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

According to the new research, 30 percent of Canadians between 40 and 59 years of age reported they experience at least one sex problem. Among all the reported sex issues, low desire is the most common one, affecting about 40 percent of the women and 30 percent of the men who participated in the survey. Furthermore, 15 percent of the women admitted they have difficulties reaching climax, while 29 percent of them are suffering from vaginal dryness.

As regarding the other common sex problems in men, about 25 percent of the respondents admitted they experience issues regarding erection and premature ejaculation.

The study, conducted by Ph.D. candidates at the University of Guelph, headed by Christopher Quinn-Nilas, wanted to raise the awareness about midlife sex problems and focused on “keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships.”

The high incidence of midlife sex problems among Canadians are concerning but, luckily, there are solutions

The researchers found that those respondents who are single are not confronting with low desire problems in comparison to the married people who presented less sexual appetite. This result shouldn’t be unexpected as previous studies in this regard also showed that, in long-term relationships, the “sexual spark” tends to fade away over time.

But, luckily, breaking up the routine and adopting new sexual activities might boost the sex drive in couples who are sexually “bored.”

On the other hand, according to the study, postmenopausal women also suffer from vaginal dryness and vaginal pain, besides lower sexual appetite. In this cases, lubrication before sexual intercourse might be the answer.

The new research, conducted on more than 2,400 Canadians aged between 40 and 59, revealed that midlife sex problems are very common, the situation being concerning as this demographic group is the largest one in Canada.


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One thought on “New Canadian Study Revealed That Midlife Sex Problems Are Quite Common

  1. Avatar

    Believe it…

    My wife and I haven’t had sex in 2-months or so. She’s come to the understanding that my lack of performance (premature ejaculation) does not satisfy her and has lost all interest. I have done the same as it is a big hit to my manhood knowing I cannot satisfy her.

    I’ve tried herbal medicines, kegels, start-stop, etc., but these are not working for me at all. I have a bit of success with Promescent, but even then I am still struggling (time to climax from about 2 to 4 or more minutes). She needs at least 8-10 minutes of penetration.

    Right now I am a bit lost and down in the dumps. Will continue to try and solve my issue with most likely Promescent and masturbation prior to sex, but the relationship is at it’s all-time low. Wish me luck!

    Glad to know it is not only our relationship


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