Natural Supplements and Habits that Improve Skin Health

Natural Supplements and Habits that Improve Skin Health

Your skin can be considered a window into your overall health as a person. All that we intake and consume, whether it be food or stress, has a direct impact on our skin health.

Fortunately, preserving your skin and even healing damaged skin is attainable through the right diet and daily habits. For example, most dermatologists recommend exercising at least three times a week for a half hour in order to keep your heart rate elevated and improve skin health.

Sometimes lotion and moisturizers won’t do the trick if your feeding your body excess alcohol and cigarette smoke. Fortunately, there are natural supplements that can help you improve your skin’s appearance and fight the effects of aging.

If you were looking at houses for sale and that has taken a toll on your skin, relax, and know that help is just a supplement away.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Skin

Regular Exercise

There are many reasons that regular exercise helps protect skin, but the most important being that it limits cortisol production. This alone can help protect against wrinkly or saggy skin and even prevent breakouts.

Beyond this, regular exercise can contribute to overall health, whether it be through vitamin absorption or strengthening the digestive tract. In fact, promoting greater gut health through a healthy diet and regular exercise can contribute to greater vitamin absorption and healthier bacteria production that improves skin.

Limiting Alcohol Intake

There is a correlation that almost anybody can recognize between breakouts and late night drinking. There are many reasons that alcohol is bad for your skin, but mostly it forces your body to release an enzyme, acetaldehyde, that destroys body tissue and dehydrates skin. This paired with the sugary additives usually found in drinks can be harmful for your skin short term.

Washing Your Face

Most dermatologists recommend washing your face at least twice a day and using an oil free moisturizer. This way you can clean away pollutants your skin collects throughout the day and moisturize it using natural products.

One important fact that cannot be overlooked is limiting the amount of showers you take. For one, showers, while rejuvenating for skin when used to clean away dried sweat and odors, can also dry out skin if done excessively.

Secondly, a hot shower can destroy natural oils that help protect skin and promote a healthier glow. Generally, shower after intense exercise, but you can limit your showers to once every other day otherwise. Most importantly, be sure to take cooler showers that don’t destroy essential oils on your face and skin.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Finally, it’s important that if you go out into the sun, that you apply sunscreen. Harmful radiation from the sun cannot only dehydrate skin and leave you with wrinkles, but it can also contribute to harmful skin diseases. Don’t be fooled either, UV radiation from tanning beds and exposure to the sun during the winter can be just as harmful for skin health.

Best Supplements for Skin Health

When our skin looks good, we feel good. When you’re under more stress than usual, not sleeping enough or eating right, your skin suffers. Your body needs a variety of nutrients to stay healthy. Even with the best diet, it’s not always enough. Try these natural supplements to keep your skin looking radiant, even when you’re searching for a new condo.

Fish Oil

According to research, the body decreases collagen production by approximately 1% each year after your teens. This is concerning as we age because collagen is a crucial protein in skin health and development.

Fish oil is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, supporting collagen growth and skin elasticity. Adding more fish to your diet, can also promote healthier hair and gut health. Eating more fish is a great way to improve skin health, but if fish isn’t you thing, taking one simple fish oil capsule each day will have your skin glowing.


Known for its natural healing properties, zinc protects against infection and helps to rejuvenate and heal skin. While most people fret about calcium deficiencies and such, most vegans and vegetarians should be acutely aware of zinc. Chicken, lean beef and beans are all excellent sources of zinc. If you still need to add more, a zinc supplement will help you meet your daily recommendation of 11 mg daily.


Biotin is a water-soluble, B-complex vitamin, also known as B7. Biotin produces essential fatty acids to nourish the skin and maintain a clear complexion. It assists in the production of new cells and helps oil glands function properly, resulting in the healthy condition of skin.


This collagen supplement improves your skin’s elasticity, giving it a more youthful appearance. Acting as a strong antioxidant, it helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals that are one of the major causes of aging.

GLA Oils

Gamma-Linolenic acid oils are found in vegetable oils and belong to omega-6 fatty acids. While the body doesn’t naturally provide these nutrients, you can acquire them in more exotic oils, including black currant oil. Omega-6’s have been proven to significantly aid in skin health, promoting healthy aging and greater elasticity.


Each of these supplements are widely available, online, and in most stores. These supplements are largely affordable and easily accessible tools that will leave your skin looking its best.

As more information about skin health has become available, we have realized that many products that have been touted as ‘good for skin’ have been the complete opposite. This is not to say you need to switch up your skin care routine, but you should consider switching up the products you apply to your face. What’s more, you should consider switching up the foods you put in your mouth.

While supplements are a great way to help keep your skin glowing and gorgeous, it’s important to take care of yourself when times get stressful. Drinking enough water, eating right and getting adequate rest are all important to recharge our bodies and keep us looking (and feeling) our best.


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