A Nationwide Tragedy – More Flu-Related Deaths Were Recorded In The US

A Nationwide Tragedy – More Flu-Related Deaths Were Recorded In The US

The flu virus is not easing up in the US as it killed another three children, recently. The CDC stated that this season’s flu outbreak is the most tragical one in years.

Atlanta and New York are devastated

In Atlanta, there were 15,000 hospitalizations due to the flu virus which means almost 2 times more than in the past years’ flu outbreaks, according to the local CDC office. Moreover, more than 50 school bus drivers got flu and called in sick.

In New York, the CDC confirmed yesterday that flu made two new victims. Both flu-related deaths were recorded in children. One of the death has been identified – an 8-year-old girl from Queens died Monday after she was brought to the hospital with flu symptoms.

Even more, more than 7% of all the recently hospitalized patients in New York were related to the flu influenza.

This flu season’s statistics are gloomy

Tragically, the flu has killed more than 50 children this season and hospitalized other several thousands kids. In the adult population, the number of hospitalizations is even bigger, in general exceeding 10,000 patients with flu, on average, in every state.

Officials believe that the flu season hasn’t reached its peak, yet, and, unfortunately, expect more hospitalizations and victims.

Measures of prevention

Officials of Aurora, Illinois, close a Catholic school, while those of Atlanta, Georgia, and New York recommended citizens to wear masks, to use germicide sprays to clean their hands and to avoid crowdy spaces.

Additionally, the CDC representatives recommend people who didn’t take their flu shots to go as soon as possible to their doctor for taking the vaccine.

The worst flu outbreak of the last decade

Until this flu season started, the worst one was the flu outbreak of 2014-2015. However, this year’s flu epidemy is surpassing that one.

The H2N3 is the influenza strain that caused the most of the problems this season. H2N3, aka “Hong Kong flu”, is the most resistant flu virus and it can live for up to 24-48 hours on plastic and metal surfaces and can easily prone to secondary complications.


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