National Nutrition Month Comes with New Goals and Programs

National Nutrition Month Comes with New Goals and Programs

In today’s world, one of the biggest problems that we are being faced with is not a culprit that we would usually first think of. It looks like obesity has become one of the world’s largest problems, please excuse our pun, and by now people are trying very hard to educate people on the bad effects of unhealthy foods and they are trying to make people start to exercise more and be more careful about their own health.

Florida has decided to take a very big step in this direction. This state is faced with a lot of concerning statistics. For example, one out of every three children is, statistically speaking, overweight or obese. The statistics do not get better with age, we are afraid to say, as almost 65 percent of adult are not at a healthy weight limit. All these statistics have been provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Is there any way to fix this before it gets worse?

It looks like the Florida Department of Health in Orange County is trying very hard to get people on the right path. Doctor Kevin Sherin is here to give advice on how people can start living a healthy life. He cannot stop stressing the fact that eating healthy is the biggest and most important step that one can make. His focus lies on preventing obesity from happening; this is why he is most concerned with trying to influence the life styles of the youngest members of the community.

Since March has been named the National Nutrition Month, this is the best time to start a campaign focused on the benefits of making informed eating choices for your health and for your size. The Academy of nutrition and Dietetics has been a big supporter of this month so it comes as no surprise that this year they are concerned with showing people how to spend the right amount of money for the right foods with the right amount of nutrients.

Being healthy does not mean having to starve yourself or stop yourself from eating the food that you like; it is all about eating in moderation and exercising.

What will the program focus on

Sherin and his team are going to focus their attention this month on the Women, Infants and Children program. The main focus of this program is to provide healthy, nutritional foods, counseling and breastfeeding support to the community.

Since we do not want to make this complicated, what this all means is that a number of dieticians and nutritionists are going to help families start a healthy eating plan by counseling them. There will also be group classes for those that are interested in this.

The main goal of this

By doing all of this it is hoped that people will be encouraged to become more aware of their food choices on a long term basis. In order to do this, it is mandatory that they try to reach as many people as possible. This is why during March they are going to visit a number of schools in order to talk about healthy eating options for young children. Moreover, nutritionists are also going to go to food pantries and help people understand what the information on food labels is all about and sort out which foods have too much sugar, fats, salt or other things.


Florida is only trying to get people to incorporate more grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables into their diets. These food groups have all the vitamins and the minerals needed in order to help the body maintain itself, without having to resort to vitamin intake. We can live a healthy life with what nature has given us.


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