NASA Working on Developing Ways for Producing Food and Beer

NASA Working on Developing Ways for Producing Food and Beer


It has been forty-six years since a man set foot on the Moon for the first time. Now, it could take about a decade until astronauts will land on Mars. When it happens, brave human beings will write another page in our history, but before they get there they need to prepare every detail.

It’s not easy to be an astronaut going to Mars. It takes around nine months to get there and other nine to get back on Earth. If you add the minimum of 500 days which astronauts have to spend on the Red Planet, you can easily understand that expeditions in this fascinating place can last years.

In this case, they need to have fresh supplies, proper drinks and useful tools always at hand. But how can this be possible in such a sterile environment like Mars? Scientists from NASA and various companies are working on finding the answer to this question as we speak.

So far, the partnership between NASA and the private sector is going well. The two parties conducted some experiments on the International Space Station and managed to grow nutritious leafy greens, produce drinks and even develop innovative technology that fixes itself. They achieved all this with the purpose of making the lives of astronauts who will spend years on Mars a lot easier.

Even if some experiments are more advanced than others, they all play important parts in messing with the laws of gravity.  Ralph Fritsche, NASA test director, declared that thanks to technologies like Veggie and Budweiser’s beer for Mars they will turn every voyage to the Red Planet into an amazing experience for astronauts.

In case you are wondering, the scientists’ hope is up for the Vegetable Production System, a technology built by NASA with the purpose of helping Mars travelers grow their own green Veggie right on the space station. Also, Budweiser’s managed to develop a similar mechanism for brewing a beer especially for missions on the Red Planet.

Until humanity will be ready for the first take off to Mars, researchers still have time to finish their experiments. Let’s see what the future will bring!


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