NASA Says that 6 Dangerous Asteroids are Approaching Earth

NASA Says that 6 Dangerous Asteroids are Approaching Earth

As we’re not already facing significant problems, NASA has made a claim that six dangerous asteroids are approaching our planet fast. Packing our baggage and moving to Mars seems more like a necessity sometimes, but it’s less probable that humanity will be able to do that in the near future.

The six ‘unwanted guests’ from space will approach our beloved planet this week, and they are huge and capable of some terrific speed.

Each asteroid is about 100 meters in diameter

The pesky space rocks are pretty ‘muscular’ since each one of them is capable of producing huge damage to our planet.  NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) offers us a little insight of what the upcoming asteroids are made of:

  • 2020 FF is the first asteroid to arrive in our planet’s neighborhood, and it’s also the smallest: ‘only’ 85 feet in diameter.
  • 2020 FB is the second asteroid that will approach Earth this week, and it’s more than twice as big as 2020 FF: 177 feet in diameter.
  • 2020 FP is the last asteroid to come in our vicinity, and it measures 128 feet.

No need to worry

Thankfully, the scenario for when the dinosaurs got extinct 60 million years ago won’t repeat itself pretty soon. The three asteroids will all pass by our planet at millions of miles away. This may sound like huge distances to us humans, but at an astronomical scale they are truly meaningless.

2020 FF will fly past our planet on March 24 at 12:06 am EDT from a distance of around 3.8 million miles away. 2020 FB will approach Earth on March 25 at 12:02 pm EDT, and it will fly by our planet at the distance of around 2 million miles. As for the remaining asteroid, it will miss our planet for 3.5 million miles on March 26 at 7:39 pm EDT.

We are safe for now, but the Universe is outrageously big, and there’s no telling how many dangers are lurking in the shadows.

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