NASA Astrobiologist Responds to the Ultimate Question: Is There Life on Mars?

NASA Astrobiologist Responds to the Ultimate Question: Is There Life on Mars?

Let’s face it: if aliens really are out there somewhere, it would be a bit of a two-edged sword. They might not be willing to help us and share the secrets of the Universe with us; instead, they could turn out to be hostile and willing to destroy us, similar to the scenario of the 1996 blockbuster ‘Independence Day.’

Since Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum aren’t really astronauts as they were in the famous movie, hostile aliens coming from Mars could represent a problem. Gladly, nobody has ever found anything alive on our neighboring planet, but still, there’s no 100% guarantee that ET is not trying to “wave” at us.

NASA scientist speaks out: is there life on Mars?

An interview with NASA astrobiologist Heather Graham might make you feel a bit under the weather if you’re excited by the idea of encountering aliens anytime soon. She believes that there’s currently no evidence that life exists on Mars in the present. At the same time, she reminds that scientists have found some evidence that alien life forms might have existed on our neighboring planet in the past. 

Mars might have had an ocean and a life-supporting atmosphere once. This scenario is backed-up by multiple pieces of evidence, according to Graham’s claim. If so, it means that the chances are likely that some alien life forms existed on Mars in the distant past of the planet.

Feel free to check out the full extent of what NASA astrobiologist Heather Graham has to say:

YouTube video


In the end, it’s clear that the big mystery of whether life exists on Mars or not remains up in the air. Instead, perhaps we all should learn to take better care of our own planet rather than worrying about what exists far away from Earth.

Is humanity ready to encounter alien life forms if they truly exist? That’s another great conundrum!


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