NASA and Roscosmos Partners for A Brighter American Future in the Outer Space

NASA and Roscosmos Partners for A Brighter American Future in the Outer Space

It still unclear when will new US commercial vehicles start transporting crews to the International Space Station. This is why NASA has officially announced on the 12th of May that the company is willing to pay no more than $90 million for a round-trip to the space station. Roscosmos, the Russian agency, will be the one to carry NASA’s crew in the outer space with the help of its Soyuz spacecraft.

As per NASA’s officials, Roscosmos will assure the company’s presence on the lap complex that is currently priced at $100 billion. This deal came as no surprise to anyone since Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator has declared last year that the company is thinking about such a partnership.

In addition to this, Bridenstine has recently declared that it is of paramount importance for the astronauts always to have a journey to ISS assured. The first rocket to transport the crew will be launched on the 27th of May from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, utilizing a Falcon 9 rocket. The mission will be accomplished with the help of astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. They are scheduled to spend between one month and four months in the outer space.

Moreover, NASA is currently testing the last touches for its Dragon crew rotation mission. However, the most important test, the Demo-2 flight, has not been performed yet. The primary objective of this mission is to send three astronauts into the outer space by the end of this fall, who will spend approximately six months in the outer space.

However, the outcome of Demo-2 flight is still uncertain, and this is why NASA has decided to be sure about its operation mission. Therefore, the company has decided to buy the round-trip ticket, assuring the American presence in the outer space. The price of this investment is around $90.2, which NASA needs to pay to the Russian government.

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