Myths about CBD oil?

Myths about CBD oil?

The myths about CBD which is an acronym for Cannabidiol has been increasing for a while now. The number of uses and benefits that the CBD products and CBD oil have are often condemned by the facts that might or might not be true about them.

This irrelevant peck on CBD either from a positive or negative side cannot reach any destination. Instead of staying confused about the facts that have no proof as such we should learn about the myths. The task becomes easier and we become knowledgeable about CBD as we remove the misconceptions about it from our mind. This article surfaces the seven most common myths about CBD oil that most of the people have. 


  • Hemp is the only source of CBD Oil Production


Cannabis Sativa Plant has around a hundred compounds and CBD is one such compound. Hemp and Marijuana are both parts of the Cannabis plant. They are referred to as phytocannabinoids. Cannabinoids refer to the compounds that are present inside the plants as well as outside them and are closely associated with each other. Phyto means ‘ come from plants’. CBD oil can be derived from any of the two as both are cannabis. So, hemp is not the only source of CBD oil.


  • There is no Distinction between THC and CBD but of a High


The chemical composition of CBD and THC is almost the same but still, they have an arrangement difference. There is a single atom that makes all the difference. We should not underestimate the size of an atom in this case. Even a single atom can make a great difference in the way the two compounds react with the receptors in our body. Hence THC is not the same as CBD because CBD is found to have intoxicating properties.


  • There is no variance in the CBDs, All are Same


There are three different types of CBD products available in the market. They are available in Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum form. All the cannabinoids of the cannabis Sativa plant are present in full-spectrum CBD products. Tetrahydrocannabivarin, cannabidiol, cannabicyclol, cannabichromene acid are all there inside the product. The full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the above-mentioned compounds.
This entourage effect proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is absent in the isolated spectrum. All the elements are removed in isolated CBD products. Broad-spectrum CBD products are a mixture of the best in both full-spectrum and isolate CBD products. Multiple cannabinoids provide a better entourage effect on broad-spectrum products.


  • CBD Oil is legally sold everywhere


CBD is considered a Schedule 1 Substance. The reason being its origin is Cannabis Sativa Plant that comes under the class of Schedule 1 substances. Various laws have now made extraction, selling and studies on CBD legal. There are certain requirements that the compound should meet to get the legal status. There are strict stipulations that make the CBD products legal in any country. You should buy CBD oil from a certified supplier to ensure the benefits of the product. The cannabis Sativa plant has many beneficial properties that should not be faded away to grow one business by wrong means. 


  • Helps in Curing


There are different claims made on every different website related to the benefits and properties of CBD oil. You would find that they can cure cancer and some claim that it cures insomnia. There is a big distinction between the properties of CBD oil and other CBD products. Thus mixing everything is not the right way to provide relevant information related to any supplement or medicinal product. The CBD compound has not been recognized as a medicinal product yet but constant researches are going on. 

The studies are made on pure CBD and not on the products specifically. Many countries have allowed CBD oil production as a diet supplement but not as a medicinal product.  Although Cannabis has been a part of folk medicine for a long period of time, all of them have not been approved as medicines. Hemp is used to make CBD oil and is not yet a medicinal drug. The countries approve of specific seeds and plant species for producing CBD products.


  • Medicinal Marijuana


Comparing CBD oil with marijuana is common in countries where marijuana medications are popular. The CBD oil in such countries is made available as medicinal products. Medical Marijuana and CBD oil are created from two different plant species. Hence this is the first myth that ignores the vital difference of plant species. 

Marijuana refers to a specific form of Cannabis and it is wrong to interrelate CBD with Marijuana. Marijuana products and pure Marijuana have a lot of differences in between. Just like CBD oil does not always contain all the properties of pure CBD. The medicinal products go through a lot of testing and purity requirements before getting certified as a medical item. 


  • CBD Oil is Psychoactive


CBD hemp oil is produced from the fibrous Cannabis Sativa plants. The oil can contain only 0.2% THC under the strict stipulations and legal standards passed by a government. The psychoactive effect thus is very low. The THC amount can be reduced even further depending on the extraction method. CBD is a prime ingredient of CBD oil products. It works against the psychotic effects of THC and some other compounds. However, CBD shows a great synergy with compounds producing psychotic effects. 


The above myths clearly state how a product’s image is produced differently in front of people because of certain misconceptions that reside in their minds. CBD oil contains CBD that healthily acts with our body. Treat it as a dietary supplement and not a drug. Countries that have made CBD oil legal have passed certain standards that the market product should meet. The medicinal CBD oil is made using plants that meet the strict stipulations and requirements of a pharmacological product. Choosing a hemp oil of good quality should be something that can always keep you away from foraging, fraud and precarious products.


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