MUHC board members quit due to uncooperative Health Minister

MUHC board members quit due to uncooperative Health Minister

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is one of Montreal’s major healthcare units. The Quebecoise health facility receives its funds from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, essentially from taxpayers.

Recently, Claudio Bussandri, the board’s chair and ten other members have decided to quit their activities in the MUHC. The reason behind their decision seems to be the relationship they have with the Health Minister.

Apparently, Health Minister Gaetan Barrette has not responded to their reports and correspondence for over 4 months. Also, he published the Joshi and Desjardins reports without giving them a previous brief about the issues addressed.

The board members who have quit declared that Minister Barrette’s attitude of no dialogue has made them clearly understand that in his view, the board is not doing a proper and efficient job.

Glenn Rourke, a former board member, believes that the radio silence applies by the Health Minister has done nothing but make matters worse. His silence might suggest that he is not willing to meet up with MUHC’s board and select a new board president. Also there is the hospital’s financial crisis, which is an issue that must be addressed as soon as possible.

The list of the board member who quit: Gail Campbell, David Laidley, Teresa Pacheco, Robert Rabinovitch, Marie Giguere, Janis Riven, Glen Rourke, Mellisa sonberg, Norman Spence and of course the board’s chair, Claudio Bussandri.

Who named the board members in the first place? The board members were named in 2015 by the Health Ministry. A group of governance experts recommended the independent members.

The Health Minister, Mr. Barrette, has released a statement in which he thanks them for their time, work and dedication and accepted their resignations. The next step is the nomination of new board members.


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