MTego Trap Review: Keep Away Mosquitoes and Protect Yourself

MTego Trap Review: Keep Away Mosquitoes and Protect Yourself

Traps that are baited with unpleasant odors can be effective for the observation and control of mosquitoes and other vectors. But here’s the thing. The majority of the currently available traps have exhibited variable recapture rates among the various mosquito species. As a result, there is an urgent need for traps that are both more effective and more efficient. And this is where a recent study truly shines.

In the most current research, an alternate type of trap known as the MTego trap that has integrated thermal stimuli was created. What kind of findings did you get?

The purpose of this study was to assess and compare the effectiveness of the MTego trap compared to that of the Biogents (BG) modular BG-Pro (BGP) catch for collecting samples of several mosquito species in a semi-field setting.

Malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, and West Nile virus are just a few of the illnesses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. These illnesses are spread when parasitic mosquitoes successfully identify, settle on, and blood feast on vertebrate hosts in order to receive the proteins necessary to support their eggs. This process is known as transmission. Once a mosquito has located its victim, it uses other signals, such as the host’s body odor, heat, and wetness, to determine when it is time to land and begin feeding.

Odor-baited traps, also known as OBTs, make use of this behavior by luring mosquitoes using a combination of manipulating physical and visual signals, as well as particular smells, in order to catch them. Due to the fact that they have been shown to be effective in lowering adult mosquito populations and preventing the spread of illness in a variety of environments, traps are currently considered viable choices for integrated vector management.

According to the findings of the recent study, the MTego trap has the potential to serve as a tool that is compatible with the BGP trap and may be used in place of it for collecting samples of anthropophilic mosquitoes.

The MTego is an innovative new mosquito trap that catches insects by employing a counterflow design and a cordless 12-V direct current fan to draw in and kill the insects. The trap makes use of baits that are attractive to mosquitoes, creates heat to simulate that of a human body through the employment of a bundled low-powered heat source at the base of its intake, and makes use of warm water that is introduced to the ripstop nylon bag prior operation in order to generate wetness. That’s very remarkable, don’t you think?

How does the MTego trap actually work?

The odorous air is circulated through the trap, which consists of a ripstop nylon bag that can be folded up and an insect net that sits on top of the bag. The mosquitoes that are collected may be removed from the trap quickly and easily thanks to an intake module that has an integrated capturing cage. In order to get the best possible outcomes, the MTego trap must be raised 10 centimeters from the ground, and 250 milliliters of warm water must be placed into the bag before each usage.


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