Mount Etna Volcano Has Grown in Height Again – Researchers Explain

Mount Etna Volcano Has Grown in Height Again – Researchers Explain

It seems that Italy’s famous Mount Etna is quite peculiar. A new report released by the National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) found that the volcano’s southeastern crater increased after six months of activity. Now, Mount Etna has surpassed its record, becoming Europe’s tallest active volcano taller than ever.

Here is what you need to know.

Mount Etna Sets New Record in Height: How’s Possible?

Mount Etna continues to become even scarier after a recent report unveils unexpected growth in height.

The INGV released a report revealing that the volcano’s most active crater is now bigger, with a height of 3,357 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level.

The new record makes Mount Etna a huge curiosity even for Italy’s volcano monitoring agency.

“Thanks to the analysis and processing of satellite images, the southeast crater is now much higher than its ‘older brother,’ the northeast crater, for 40 years the undisputed peak of Etna,” explained the INGV.

Mount Etna
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Mount Etna’s Recent Volcanic Activity

Around 50 episodes of lava and ash from the southeast crater since mid-February have triggered a peculiar yet intriguing transformation of Mount Etna’s outline. Its height was calculated via satellite images.

It was also a horror picture, as you can imagine. The volcano’s power is unmeasurable and terrifying.

The INGV keeps a watchful eye on Mount Etna as its behavior is getting more reckless.

The Northeastern Crater

The northeastern crater had 3,350 meters in 1981. Due to a collapse, the crater’s edges are now 3,326 meters, as per some 2018 measurements.

The crater is also behaving recklessly, spitting out ash and smoke since February. However, such a thing doesn’t pose much danger to surrounding villages.

Sicily’s government measured last month (July) that 300,000 metric tonnes of ash had been successfully cleaned.

Some people think Mount Etna was beautiful, but an annoyance, too, with ash falling almost like rain.


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