More Women Than Men Suffer From Insomnia in These Countries

More Women Than Men Suffer From Insomnia in These Countries

Although insomnia is generally considered as a mild condition, it affects a huge number of people around the globe. One out of three people develop some type of insomnia along their lives, and there are plenty of clinics and sleep specialists who can provide help.

Most of us are hesitant in going to the doctor just for sleeping disorders, but that doesn’t mean that not being able to fall asleep during many hours of keeping your eyes closed is a pleasant feeling. It can lead to frustration and other serious illnesses if insomnia appears regularly and we ignore it.

Women fall asleep harder in the US, the UK, and Netherlands

According to a new study that analyzed more than a million people of all ages from the US, the UK, and Netherlands, the conclusion is that women from these countries have bigger problems falling asleep than men.

But what could trigger this unexpected situation? The study places its bet on social preoccupations like parenting and the usage of sleeping medications, as well as sex hormones. Ironically enough, it looks like those sleep meds are somehow turning against those who take it. People from those three afore-mentioned countries who were spending over nine hours of sleep were suffering more from insomnia.

Except for women, people who were most likely to suffer from sleeping disorders were smokers, the obese, as well as citizens of the US in general.

Whether we like it or not, insomnia is frequently associated with medical and psychiatric disorders. The main risk factors for insomnia are advanced age, chronic diseases, medications, and lifestyle behaviours. Therefore, we must take good care of our health in general and of our sleeping schedules in particular.

The new study was published in the journal Nature Human Behavior.


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