More Than 15% Of Childhood Deaths in America Caused by Guns

More Than 15% Of Childhood Deaths in America Caused by Guns

Guns have become a serious problem in the United States of America. In 2016 more than 3000 children died killed by guns. This means that more than 15 percent of child deaths are attributed to firearms. Compared to this, cancer killed 1853 children. There were also 982 fatal drug overdoses and 885 drownings.

“Between 2013 and 2016, there was a 28 percent relative increase in the rate of firearm deaths. The rate in the United States was 36.5 times as high as the overall rate observed in 12 other high-income countries,” wrote Dr. Rebecca Cunningham of the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center.

The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the team behind the study is from the University of Michigan. It appears that guns were used for suicides and murders as well. 1102 children and adolescent decided to take their own lives using a gun, while 1865 were intentionally shot by someone else.

“Among firearm deaths, 59 percent were homicides, 35 percent were suicides, and 4 percent were unintentional injuries.”

It appears that the United States are an outlier when it comes to gun deaths. No other developed countries have similar numbers.

“Children in America are dying or being killed at rates that are shameful. The sad fact is that a child or adolescent in the United States is 57 percent more likely to die by the age of 19 years than those in other wealthy nations,” wrote Dr. Edward Campion.

Leading cause of death

The only cause of death that had more victims were motor vehicle crashes. According to researchers, the rate of people who died in such accidents is higher compared to all the other high-income countries. Crashes represented 20 percent of all deaths, followed close by firearm injuries.


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