The Monaco Grand Prix – The final stop of the Mayfair to Monte Carlo tour

The Monaco Grand Prix – The final stop of the Mayfair to Monte Carlo tour

As you might know, it’s quite difficult to find an event with the same amount of passion and history behind it as the Monaco Grand Prix. And that says a lot considering all the other races that are part of the F1 lineup.  Even having fun will drain you of energy after a certain point, but you can be on the fact that the culmination of the Mayfair to Monte Carlo tour is worth it. The Monaco event really puts the Grand in Grand Prix with almost two months needed to prepare the stage for the F1 drivers. Once the racing is done, the dismantling of the circuit will take another 3 weeks. The dedication and effort put around this event is observable from a great distance.

Mayfair to Monte Carlo tour enthusiasts that have decided to join this year for the first time and returning friends alike will be able to properly prepare for the grand event in Monte Carlo. We will help you do so by making the most out of the tour, under the guidance of the returning special guest driver Tiff Needell which has been asked to do the honors once more thanks to popular demand.

In Monaco, guests will be able to enjoy the finest luxuries the same way they would the entire journey the racing Mecca. The world renowned La Maree restaurant is the perfect viewing location for the Monaco Grand Prix, thanks to its amazing positioning right in the center of the circuit. Tiff Needell is also going to be there, mingling with the M2MC tour guest and enjoying the fine sea food served on location.

The racetrack itself is one of profound history for Formula 1, due to its long lasting career filled with changes and deeply impactful modifications to the schematic. These modifications altered the unfolding of the race completely and today bring a totally different experience than that of the track’s ‘60’s and ‘50’s eras.

All F1 racers have a deep appreciation for the Monaco Grand Prix and consider it one of the most challenging circuits they could take part in today. With that level of challenge also comes an increased level of gratification and pride which the Monaco winner and follow-ups can enjoy. As drivers, they feel a great amount of pride for finishing in a favorable position here therefore will give their all to make sure they smile at the finish. Those that enjoy the race trackside from one of the M2MC tour chartered yachts will be able to witness this exact dedication as none of the racers will give up their spot easily.

The Monaco Grand Prix is definitely an experience that is hard to forget, and racing fans will truly appreciate the spirit of F1 imbued in Monaco’s concrete by decades of fast-paced action.

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