Moms Clean Air Force is Taking a Stand About Pollution Effects

Moms Clean Air Force is Taking a Stand About Pollution Effects

For those that do not know, Moms Clean Air Force is a group of women in bright red T-shirts that are trying to make lawmakers take into consideration the effects that U.S’s EPA will have on families.

What are these moms fighting for?

These moms are fighting towards getting lawmakers to listen about the effects that pollution has on their children through a variety of ways. They are active members of the community, they take part and testify at public sessions and, most importantly, they are there whenever Scott Pruitt is trying to pass EPA.

They recently went to an EPA hearing against the Clean Power Plan in Kansas City. They prepared their speech very well, with fact sheets, videos, popular myths about climate change, and what links extreme weather to climate change.

The members

Sadly, this is not a very large group, made up of only 6 staff members but what they lack in physical numbers they make up for with their mailing list that has over a million people on it. This is a massive form of support for these women.

How did this group start out?

Browning, the leader of the activist group, likes to think that this group’s birth came from the Al Gore 2006 documentary. It makes women want to read more on the issues concerning the country and after they familiarized their selves with the problem they came to the conclusion that it was something wrong with the system, not the individual. The “mommy bloggers”, as time passed, became more and more interested in climate change due to there being a lack of public awareness.

What is going to happen in the future?

Browning’s main goal is to create a base for federal climate legislation in the next 5 years. Among other projects that are in the works, the group wants to create a group to encourage clean energy, named “Moms and Mayors Initiative” and another group specifically for new mothers, named “Baby Power”.

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