The ‘Miracle Baby’ Girl Born at 21 Weeks is Now 3 Years Old – The Most Premature Infant to Survive

The ‘Miracle Baby’ Girl Born at 21 Weeks is Now 3 Years Old – The Most Premature Infant to Survive

Courtney Stensrud delivered her baby girl when she was in her 21st week of pregnancy. Even though the baby was too tiny and undeveloped to survive outside her mother’s womb, she was given a chance and was resuscitated.

Now, the baby has grown into a healthy little 2-years-old girl, being the most premature baby to have ever survived, according to medical reports.

The mother declined to share any current photo or the name of her girl. In 2014, the girl was due on November, but she was delivered in July. It wasn’t possible for her baby to survive, but she did it with Dr. Ahmad’s help.

The mother had to make a fast choice, knowing that her child might develop cerebral palsy, difficulty in walking, running, a risk of losing vision or a problem in learning disability. This would lead to sever problems of health for all her life.

She Asked Her Doctor ‘Will You Try?’

Dr. Ahmad didn’t have high hopes, but if the mother asked them to do it, he did everything it was possible to save the baby.

The baby girl was so small – 14.5-ounces, but she turned pink and then in a few minutes she took her first breaths of air and moved. She spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit and got home only a few days before she was due.

The girl has been tested last year to see if she had good motor and language skills, and she doesn’t have cerebral palsy.

Dr. Ahmad, however, cautions people not to assume that every attempt in resuscitating 21 weeks old babies will be the best approach, as the outcome might be different in other cases.

Stensrud stated that the reason for which she gave the interviews is to help other mothers find out about her case, and that they should consider a way of helping their babies survive, in case they deliver so early. They might get some hope that they will get a miracle too.


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