Mi Fit Version 3.5.5: What’s New About This Band?

Mi Fit Version 3.5.5: What’s New About This Band?

Mi Fit can help in tracking activities and break down your rest and activity data. It keeps you roused while working out, forms a healthy way of life and improves your person.

Working with various savvy gadgets

This supports Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace, and Amazfit Smart Chip, and so on.

Tracking each exercise precisely

This can record details of running, cycling, strolling, and so on.

Giving proficient examination of postures and pulse to make your exercises progressively logical and powerful.

Personalized rest tracker

It investigates different components that influence the sleep quality profoundly, and it gives more ways for development.

Measuring your wellness

It can estimate about ten groups of details through Mi Body Composition Scale for a better forming of your body and recognizing wellbeing dangers.

Multiple reminders and notices

An alarm will vibrate to wake you up without irritating the others around you.

Sending notifications directly to the wrist, so you don’t miss any calls, SMS, or email messages.

An idle alarm will send a delicate buzz when you have been sitting still for a really long time. It discloses to you when it’s the ideal chance for a short walk or water break.

What are the firmware updates?

Mi Band 3

This one comes with a treadmill feature, that is bolstered on Mi Band 3;

They have improved some features for Mi Band 3

Amazfit Cor

By using your band, you can control music now, change the song or leave the playlist on shuffle. Also, the treadmill feature is bolstered on Amazfit Cor.

They have also enhanced the user experience, and they have fixed the bugs.


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