Men are More Prone to Skin Cancer

Men are More Prone to Skin Cancer

A recent study notes that men are more likely to develop melanoma, a very aggressive type of skin cancer.

In the last thirty years more men died from melanoma in 32 countries, according to the report. In the case of women, the rates were lower or stable. The study collected information from developed countries around the world, including Europe, North America and Australasia, in order to form a comprehensive database.

The researcher wanted to learn more about the recent melanoma mortality rates, the patterns of development and how effective are the prevention plans and treatments that have been implemented until now.

In the last three decades, melanoma mortality rates have raised in many countries as most men avoid the use of sunscreen and usually expose themselves to a high quantity of solar radiation. The biological differences between males and females are also explored in order to find out if women are more resistant to solar radiation.

Official statistics show that melanoma has the highest mortality rate among skin cancers, and 1.7 percent of all the cancer cases discovered this year implied a melanoma diagnosis. The team analyzed data recorded between 1985 and 2015, discovering that male deaths caused by melanoma increase in 32 out of the 33 countries that were studied.

The highest death rates were found in Australia and Slovenia and the numbers are quite grim as the number of death in males rose to 5.72 for every 100,000 men while in the case of females it reached 2.53 in Australia. In Slovenia male mortality reached 3.86 deaths per 100.000 people.

The only country were a decrease was registered is the Czech Republic. It seems counter-intuitive that the death toll remains high despite the advancement of preventive methods. More needs to be done in order to popularize the use of sunscreen among men, a move that could dramatically decrease the rates.


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