Meet Defender Works V8: A Limited Edition Land Rover

Meet Defender Works V8: A Limited Edition Land Rover

This new model created by Jaguar Land Rover will be a limited edition with only 150-odd units to be created. The vehicle will receive a 5-litre V8 (400 bhp and 515 Nm). It seems that Land Rover is feeling a bit romantic and wanted to revive a classic vehicle. The Jaguar Land Rover division, near Coventry, managed to give a younger look and style to an old, but a beloved car.

More about Defender Works V8

Only 150 exemplars will be released and all of them will include a 5-litre aspirated V8. This means it will be the most powerful Defender, achieving 0-100 in just 5.6 seconds. The top speed is of 170 kmph.

Tim Hannig, the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director declared that the idea of reviving a classic V8 Defender started in 2014, while building the Defender in Solihull.

The car will feature an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, sport mode included, uprated brakes and handling kit. An 18-inch diamond-turned Sawtooth allow wheel and 265/65 R18 tires (all-terrain) will be used.

There are still more surprises

The 150 vehicles will come in eight colors and two satin finishes. They will have a Santorini Black roof, wheel arches and from grille, aluminum door handles, Windsor leather trim for the dashboard, door panels, headling and Recaro sports seats. The Classic Infotainment System has also received some updates. 90 and 110 wheelbase Defender Works V8 derivatives will be available for purchasing. The car will be available for Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

This vehicle has been created as part of the 70th anniversary of Land Rover. The approximate price is of $208,000 directly converted, meaning that this car will not be accessible to most of us mortal. Even so, it will be a pleasure to spot one on the road.


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