Massive 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Philippines – VIDEO & Info

Massive 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Philippines – VIDEO & Info

On Wednesday morning after 8:00 am, residents of the northern part of the Philippines had to face the wrath of nature unfolding right before their eyes and feet. A strong earthquake of 7.3-magnitude and a depth of 10 kilometers hit the Asian country where over 100 million souls live, and the jolt was felt in hundreds of cities.

The Washington Post brought the terrible news regarding the earthquake, along with information about its terrible aftermath. The event led to buildings destroyed, including churches, dozens of injured people, at least four deaths, landslides, and power interruptions.

Guardian News brought some relevant footage so we can all make ourselves a better idea of what the recent earthquake meant for the people of the Philippines:

The residents were terrified by the jolt, and this is pretty well described by Michael Brillantes, a safety officer, who stated as quotes:

The ground shook like I was on a swing and the lights suddenly went out. We rushed out of the office, and I heard screams and some of my companions were in tears.

As quoted by the same source, the man also told Associated Press on the phone:

It was the most powerful quake I’ve felt and I thought the ground would open up.

The Philippines is positioned along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Unfortunately, this causes frequent seismic and volcanic activity in the archipelagic country. Another earthquake with a similar magnitude occurred last year in the Philippines on August 11, in the location known as Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental.

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