Mars, Venus and Jupiter’s Moon can sustain life

Mars, Venus and Jupiter’s Moon can sustain life

We all know that life cannot survive outside our planet. And there is no planet which has been discovered and which can sustain life, just like our Earth does. But we have heard that researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Space Research Institute simulated an environment which is similar to that of Venus. It seems that it was able to sustain life. They have also discovered that a microscopic organism, which is a kind of funghi, which is called micromycetes, can actually live pretty well in an environment like that of Venus. But this new environment has a lot of radioactive radiation and temperature fluctuations. The radiation simulated during this laboratory tested found that the funghi kept on living. This simulation might prove life on Mars.  They tried that already.

They included a few microorganisms from the Arctic, and they tried to simulate the environment of Mars, with the radiation and the extreme temperature of -50 degrees Celsius. The Russian scientists were also able to see that the bacteria were able to survive in that temperature, too. They took some samples of the microbial components in the Mojave Desert. They are thought to be similar to the microbial communities found on Mars. They seemed to be tolerant of several factors, such as salts, oxidizing agents, pH alterations.

Scientists have also simulated a kind of environment that’s representing the moon of Jupiter, Europe, which is known to have a water ice-crust. They set the temperature down to -130 degrees Celsius, and they were able to find some microbial components to sustain life.

Life on Mars has always been discussed. No one can actually deny the fact that it is quite fascinating to find out that these planets can sustain life.



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