Marium, the baby dugong found in Thailand died recently due to plastic waste

Marium, the baby dugong found in Thailand died recently due to plastic waste

If you’re familiar with the cute baby dugong from Thailand that went viral, we have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, it has died and we’ll tell you how it happened.

How the baby dugong went viral?

Marium was the name of the beloved female dugong that was found in April by a team of marine experts. You probably remember seeing pictures on the Internet with Marium cuddling with one of the marine biologists. This is how it went viral and people started to call her “little angel”.

How did Marium die?

We have that answer for you. The experts think that the cause of death was actually the plastic waste that she ingested, combine with the shock that the marine mammal must have had. According to the Department of Marine and Costal Resources, Marium was attacked by a male dugong.

She wasn’t feeling very good after the attack and she couldn’t eat anymore. Marium died Saturday morning.

We also have for you her autopsy results

The autopsy revealed that Marium has ingested a big amount of plastic waste, including eight plastic bags. The plastic caused a blood infection and also, severe gastritis. Marium’s couldn’t cope with these harsh conditions.

More about the species of marine mammal

The dugong is a medium-sized marine mammal. More and more mammals of this species die every year because of polluted waters and habitat loss.

Marium was a symbol in Thailand

The baby dugong was actually a symbol in Thailand that reminded people to care more about the oceans and to try to reduce the waste. The Ministry of Public Health announced that they started the “Marium Project “, a program that focuses on reducing the sea waste and protecting dugongs for extinction.

We are sure that Marium will remain in people’s heart for a long time.

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