Marijuana Legalizing Plan Debated Throughout Canada

Marijuana Legalizing Plan Debated Throughout Canada

The federal government’s plan on legalizing recreational marijuana has disappointed the Quebec government.


An imperfect plan?

Ottawa’s plan seems to be quite vague and it also offloads some problems and more responsibilities beginning with the need for more policing and finishing with the necessity of creating more prevention programs.

Lucie Charlebois, the Public Health Minister, believes that the current plan of legalizing marijuana fails to pledge the money to cover all costs and expenses involved.

On the other hand, Charlebois has constantly repeated that the government is not against such a legalization idea, but she expected a more detailed plan from Ottawa as it proceeds in fulfilling the Liberal election promise. Ottawa officials responded that their objective is to have the plan ready by July, 2018.


Quebec raises some cost issues

Quebec’s basic questions regarding the plan include the following:

  • What will be the allowable THC level in the weed proposed for sale?
  • How will the justice system deal with the future changes in the Criminal Code?
  • Who will pain for re-training the police to cope with impaired driving laws?
  • Who is going to pay for the educational programs?


Charlebois has expressed her disappointment saying that “this bill changes many things”. Future plans involve a detailed invoice that the committee will hand to Ottawa.

On the other hand, Charlebois didn’t say if she agrees or not with Ottawa’s plan of allowing adults of at least 18 years old to possess up to 30 grams of pot. Experts see this as a risk, and the drug rehabilitation center, Portage, specifically warned that marijuana shouldn’t be legalized for young people under the age of 21, motivating that 88% of its 500 clients are addicted.


Montreal embraces the legalization news

Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre, has welcomed the news on legalizing marijuana with open arms, agreeing with the whole plan, but adding the fact that the goal of such legalization is the most essential thing.


Meanwhile, a poll of Quebecers that was conducted before Ottawa’s plan came out shows some concerns among the population regarding the subject: 60% of 4,250 persons are worried and 57% are in favor. A full 92 percentage definitely wants that the government takes control on who gets to sell the weed.


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