March will Come with Two Full Moons: When Can You See Them

March will Come with Two Full Moons: When Can You See Them

If you love to watch the sky at night, we have good news for you. March will be a special month, and you will have a chance to see two full moons. The same thing happened in January this year, and it appears that it will happen once again in March.

The reason why this phenomenon will occur so quickly is that February was a short month, and the lunar orbit is not very circular. The two full moons of March seem to compensate for February. Last month there were no full moons.

When will you see the full moons?

The first full moon will show up right on the first day off March. This moon will be the last one of the summer season for those living in the southern hemisphere and the last full month of the winter season for the people who live in the northern hemisphere. The season ends on March 20.

You can spot the full moon on March 1, which will be a Thursday. In the eastern sky the full moon will rise at 5:33 pm, and it will set the following day, at 7 am.

It appears that March will also come with the first blue moon of the next season. If the first full moon of March will show up on the first day of the month, the seconds one will appear on the last day of the month, creating a beautiful symmetry.

On Saturday, March 31, you will be able to see the blue moon. Just like the first one, it will rise at 5:33 pm in the eastern sky. However, this time, the full moon will set at 7:34 am, the following day on Sunday, April 1.

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