A Man Died As It Was Pulled By An MRI Machine

A Man Died As It Was Pulled By An MRI Machine

In India, a weird accident involving an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine led to the death of one man. The weird happening is actually an act of negligence from the medical staff at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital in Mumbai.

Rajesh Maruti Maru was sucked by an MRI machine when he was visiting a hospitalized relative. A junior assistant at the hospital asked Rajesh to get a metal recipient containing liquid oxygen into the room where the MRI equipment was.

Unfortunately, that MRI was turned on and the man was immediately pulled by the machine’s magnetic field. Rajesh was crushed into the machine and the recipient broke and leaked its content. Rajesh inhaled the oxygen which caused his death. However, his body was also bleeding massively due to the impact with the MRI.

Harish Solanki, the relative Rajesh was visiting, told for NDTV that Rajesh and he said to the junior assistant that no metals should be brought around the MRI but this replied that is safe and that the MRI machine is off. However, the things have gone otherwise, and Rajesh died.

The Mumbai Police has already arrested two of the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital’s staff and offered about $8,000 (500,000 Rupees) as compensation to the man’s family. However, the Mumbai authorities are still examining the video cameras footages trying to find new clues in order to conclude the investigation.

Tragically, this weird accident is not the first of its type in medical history, actually being the second. The previous case happened in 2001 when a 6-year old boy from New York had his skull crushed by an oxygen tank that was pulled towards him by the magnetic field of the MRI machine.

An MRI machine uses very powerful magnetic fields, radio waves, and electric fields to accurately recreate 3D images of the body it’s scanning. However, Rajesh death could’ve been avoided if the medical staff would’ve been careful with their equipment and their visitors and patients well-being.


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