Should You Make Your Own E-juice: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Should You Make Your Own E-juice: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The vaping industry continues to grow so it’s no wonder that there’s an extra emphasis on the quality and safety of the products that you can find on the market. These range from various new mods to all kinds of innovative e-liquids. The vaping industry reached the point where people can create their own e-liquids at home, and this is not always the best choice, even if the idea might seem appealing at first. It’s best to take a look at both the advantages and the reasons why taking the chance to make your own e-juice at home might not be the most excellent idea. One of the largest ecommerce stores for bulk e-juice sells here:

Benefits of mixing your own e-juice

You have the opportunity to purchase wholesale liquid nicotine, and vape flavor concentrates and make your juice at home, but this is recommended only for advanced users who have done it before and who really know what they’re doing because as you will see the risks overcome the benefits.. Here are the advantages:

  1. Customization might just be the single significant aspect of mixing your e-juice because you can change the flavor and the nicotine levels anytime.
  2. The lower cost benefit comes when you buy anything from wholesale, and this is also an attractive issue.
  3. Safety is also important, but only experienced juice makers know how and what to mix in order to obtain a safe final product.

Disadvantages of making e-juice at home

Unfortunately, the disadvantages and the risks involved in making your own e-juice outnumber the benefits so check them out carefully:

  1. It can be dangerous, and you may put your safety at risk. Most experts will tell you that you need to have at least a year of experience with vaping before you consider making your e-juice. If you are using the wrong nicotine levels, the adverse effects may be severe just by touching it.
  2. Making your own e-juice is not as simple as it may seem because it involves lots of calculations and knowledge about nicotine levels.
  3. There’s the risk that your final product doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to and it will probably taste different from what you imagined.
  4. The process could result in wasted time and products, especially if you are a beginner, not to mention the safety issues again.
  5. You might end up losing money instead of saving if the final product is not what you thought it would be.

Experienced manufacturers and companies will always offer you that peace of mind knowing that you get a high-quality product, better nicotine, safe ingredients without any risk for contamination and a tastier and smoother taste and overall experience. The few potential benefits are not worth the risks in our opinion.


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