Maintain Those Healthy Teeth!

Maintain Those Healthy Teeth!

Every child knows that in order to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth, it is necessary to brush their teeth morning and evening. But even if you brush your teeth daily, it does not mean that you will not suffer from dental problems – cavities, tooth decay, sensitivity or any other problem. So what are you doing wrong, and how can you still protect your teeth?

It all starts with brushing

The first and most important rule in maintaining healthy teeth is regular brushing of the teeth.

  1. When you brush your teeth, choose a soft brush that does not damage the enamel layer of the tooth and a quality toothpaste.
  2. Brush your teeth regularly twice a day:
  3. after breakfast and not immediately when you get up – this will get rid of food debris that can damage your teeth
  4. before bed: Be sure to brush immediately after the last meal before bed, so that bacteria do not accumulate during the night on the dental plaque.
  5. Use dental floss regularly to clean your teeth and get rid of excess food between your teeth. Cleaning the grooves between the teeth gives a healthy and clean look and contributes to preventing tooth decay
  6. Use magic to clear excess food after each meal
  7. Excessive brushing, there is such a thing

Did you think that the more you brush, the healthier your teeth will be? Nope, you were wrong. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day – morning and evening and no more because excessive brushing can damage the dental plaque and it will not reduce the risk of developing any dental problems. If you have any problems with your smile or overbite, it is best that you look at an Expert Periodontist.      

Water here and not just because of the smell

Using mouthwash gives a feeling of freshness and good taste after brushing, but beyond that, it may also prevent the appearance of tooth decay and gingivitis. Also, mouthwash prevents unpleasant odors in the mouth that can be caused by toothache. There are different types of rinses and mouthwashes.

  1. Use mouthwashes that contain fluoride – to prevent the development of tooth decay in the teeth. They also help protect the enamel layer and tooth base
  2. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash before bed, immediately after brushing your teeth. After rinsing it is recommended not to eat or drink (but only water) for a short period of about half an hour
  3. Consult your dentist about choosing the best product for you

Foods that harm the teeth

The food we consume affects the health of our teeth. Foods that contain a lot of sugar can damage the tooth because in the process of breaking down the sugar, acids are formed that break down the calcium in the tooth and damage the tooth. It is therefore advisable to reduce the consumption of sticky and sugary foods such as jam, chocolate, cereals that contain sugar. On the other hand, it is recommended that you add “good” foods to your menu that protect the teeth: cheese, chickpeas, tahini, avocado, mayonnaise and tuna salad.

Drinks that damage the teeth

Beverages and juices that contain low PH are considered acidic and can damage the tooth vitreous made of minerals and weaken it. Beverages and juices that are considered acidic: vinegar; lemon juice; Sodas; energy drinks; citrus juices. This is how you will protect your teeth from drinks:

  1. Drink water over other beverages
  2. Use a straw to reduce direct contact with the tooth
  3. Choose types of toothpastes that are more resistant to acidic products
  4. Avoid energy drinks that contain citric acid


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