Lions Killed A Poacher In South Africa

Lions Killed A Poacher In South Africa

The remains of a man whose identity is not yet known have been found next to a loaded hunting rifle in a private hunting reserve near the Kruger National Park in Limpopo Province in South Africa. Supposedly, the man was a poacher and the lions ate him up.

According to local news agencies, locals have been alerted by this bloody incident due to the desperate screams of the poacher and his gunfires. The locals went to help him but their intervention was late.

Limpopo Police spokesperson, Moatshe Ngoepe, told the news agency that “it seems that the victim of the lions was illegally hunting in the hunting park, when he was attacked and killed by the lions, who ate his body almost in totality, leaving behind them only the head and some remnants of the body”.

Police are trying at this hour to establish the identity of the man

It is also not known what kind of animal the man tried to hunt, but there is a great possibility that he has tried to hunt even the pack of lions who killed him.

However, no ID, passport, or any other document that might identify the possible poacher was found in the area. The Police officers are now trying to identify the man using the remnants of his body.

Lion poaching is on the rise in the region

About a year ago, in January 2017, three male lions were found poisoned, with their heads and paws cut, in the Kruger National Park area, according to the local news agencies.

Born Free Foundation, a wildlife charity, tries to increase the public awareness regarding lions poaching in Limpopo region. According to them, parts of the lion’s body are used in local traditional medicine in Africa but also on other continents. For example, in Southeast Asia, the demand for lions’ bones is very high because they are a substitute for tigers’ bones.


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