Link Between Fluoride And Low IQ In Children Studied By Canadian Researchers

Link Between Fluoride And Low IQ In Children Studied By Canadian Researchers

A new study realized by a team of Canadian researchers is trying to find a link between the fluoride levels found in the pregnant women’s urine and the IQ of their children. Their idea is that the pregnant woman exposed to a high quantity of fluoride can affect the children’s IQ after many years. Many experts don’t agree with the study and the link, and they declare the study trivial.

More than 500 pairs of mother and child were investigated for the research. The scientists have measured the levels of fluoride from the mother’s urine through the pregnancy. They examined the women that were consuming tap water during pregnancy, and they measured the IQ of the children between three and four years old.

The results were that after one mg/L of water is increasing the fluoride in the urine, and this could result in 4.5 points that are lowering the IQ score of the children.

Canadian study focused on the link between fluoride and low IQ in children

The interesting fact of the study is that these results were observed only in boys, not in girls. At the same time, another report of fluoride intake is showing something else. One mg higher consumption is causing a 3.7 point decrease in the IQ score, but for both girls and boys.

However, the experts are saying that having two results of the study can make the research weak and inconsistent. On the other hand, other experts are saying that the research can’t prevent the exposure of the children at other substance during the first years of life. So everything that the children can make contact with can lead to influence the IQ.

Finally, the study exists in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. David Bellinger, who works as a Harvard Medical School neurologist, is saying that all the findings aren’t definitive, so everything is hypothetical.

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