Let the Myths about Burning Fats Fall

Let the Myths about Burning Fats Fall

When it comes to losing weight, burning fat is the only way to do it. Every diet reveals different ways for the same outcome. To serve their purpose, diets must also fight with other diets reasons, so they end up mystifying the truth.

We’ve ended up caught in a net of myths, half-truths, and big fat lies. Since we’re no scientists, and we don’t really care about the knowledge behind the diet, we just want to get rid of that annoying extra-kilos, we can be easily manipulated.

Here are 4 of those myths that hold us from seeing clearly.

First myth: You Can’t Add Muscle and Lose Weight

Wrong. Fat is lighter than muscle, and it uses only 3% of your energy, while muscles use 20%. So, you should also work at the gym, if you want to get rid of the fat. It’s a must. Maybe the scale won’t show many changes, but it’s all for the best. It means that your muscular mass is growing.

Second myth: Swap Sat Fats For “Good” Fats

Wrong. There aren’t many foods that contain only one of them. So, that would mean to drastically reduce the variety of your diet. And that’s a bad thing. To stay healthy, we need variety. We need the grass-fed rib-eye just as much as the salmon, and the feta just as much as the nuts.

Third myth: Avoid carbs

Wrong. Did you know that fruits have carbs? We need carbs. Our brain needs carbs to work. Muscles need carbs too. Just don’t overdo it. in fact, in the hour after training, it is recommended to eat 1g of carbs per kilo of bodyweight.

Fourth myth: You need rest days

Wrong. You don’t need to take breaks from the gym. You need to alternate the muscle groups you’re training. Try cycling after squats. Or swim after cycling. Just like with food, variety is the way to work it all.

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