Legionella Exposure Leads to the Opening of a Hotline at West Michigan Hospital

Legionella Exposure Leads to the Opening of a Hotline at West Michigan Hospital

It’ bad enough when people are sick, but it gets worse if they are exposed to bacteria while in a health care facility. These days, the West Michigan hospital is facing a Legionella infection that might have led to a person’s death.

According to experts investigating this situation, bacteria were found in the water. In the attempt to stop it from spreading and to prevent epidemics, the Spectrum Health Pennock from Hastings established an emergency hotline. People who were or are patients at West Michigan and their visitors can call this hotline in case they suspect that the exposure affected them.

Bacteria can cause the Legionnaires’ disease

People who visited the West Michigan hospital recently were exposed to contacting the Legionnaires’ disease. This affection is caused by the Legionella, bacteria recently found in the hospital’s water. The situation dates back from September when two patients were tested positive for the disease.

Considering the fact that one of them died, the affection might be deadly. The 92-year-old man had pneumonia and this could have caused his death, but specialists can’t determine what the exact cause was.

Since the two people got sick, the Health Department from Barry-Eaton District ran test in order to find out what might have caused this situation. They confirmed Legionella’s presence in the water from West Michigan hospital on December 26th and since then they started thinking about a prevention strategy.

The first step was to open a hotline with the purpose of addressing concerns regarding the bacteria infestation. People who were exposed and think that this might have affected them can call 844-689-2875 or 616-391-9986. Here they can find out more or talk to a specialist.

Officials from the Health Department say that symptoms can include a cough, shortness of breath, head and muscle aches and fever. The treatment for Legionnaires’ disease is represented by antibiotics.


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