Lava Samples Unveil New Clues About Earth’s Crust

Lava Samples Unveil New Clues About Earth’s Crust

Daring research reveals key data about what lies beneath Earth, and everything is mesmerizing.

Thanks to some lava samples, volcanologists came across some new details about the geological structure of our planet’s crust. That could have implications for volcanic eruption early warning system, as per the new study led by the University of Queensland.

Here is what you need to know.

What Lies Beneath Earth?

According to the new study, we’ve been geologically deceived. But how?

Previous data reveal how cooled lava from “hot spot” volcanoes was pristine magma from the melting mantle, about tens of kilometers beneath our planet’s surface. However, that isn’t quite the case anymore!

Study insights

Researchers believed for decades that hot spot volcanoes could offer them a glimpse into what’s really happening under the Earth’s surface. Recent findings came as a huge surprise, and volcanologists are now trying to explore more possibilities.

Dr. Teresa Ubide from the University of Queensland stated:

“[…] these volcanoes are extremely complex inside and filter a very different melt to the surface than what we’ve been expecting.”

But why?

Intriguing findings

Source: Laura Becerril

New data show that the volcano’s complex system drives many minerals in the magma to crystalize. Also, the minerals are being recycled by the growing magma, affecting the altogether chemistry to look pristine.

That’s really a significant new key detail to better understand how ocean island volcanoes run.

Moreover, the new study found that hot spot volcanoes filter their melts so that they become very eruptible at the base of our planet’s crust, many kilometers beneath the volcano.

FACT: hot spot volcanoes make up some of Earth’s most peculiar yet fascinating landscapes, like Hawaii in the Pacific and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic.

All the recent work was possible thanks to new rock samples from the island of El Hierro, Spain’s Canary Islands.


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